About me

To start with, my full name is Airidas Janonis and I am studying Software Systems and working as a VR Lab Developer in Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.

Since my childhood days, I have been fascinated with new technologies, especially Computer Science. I loved to do all kinds of activities which were oriented around computers – construct PCs, play video games, create custom levels in video games, learn how to fix infected computers.
I haven’t really developed anything on my own until I started going to university to study Software Systems. Here I tried even harder to find my real passion, something that I would love to do for a living. After thinking about the activities that I like to do during my free time, I have got one idea in mind: Since I really like to create, develop something from scratch and especially play video games, maybe I should try Video Game Development? And that’s when it happened; I have tried to develop a few small video game prototypes using video game engines such as Unity and it was so exciting to see characters that I have developed to come to life, that I have kept on going and going. I knew that this was it, even though it’s really difficult to get noticed in a Video Game development industry, I had to become a full-time Video Game Developer or at least work in a position that is associated with video game development.
After receiving some feedback about my games from people around me, I became even more motivated, because it was so satisfying to see someone enjoy something that you have created!
Currently, I am striving to become a better Video Game Developer by improving skills such as Game Design, Programming, Texturing, Modeling, Animating, etc. (well, basically, everything, that goes into developing a video game title).

Technological skills

Programming in OOP C#, Java data structures;
Experience with AR/VR development (mostly video games);
Experience with Unity video game development engine;
Application testing and Quality Assurance for users.

Working Experience

Jul 2019 – Present

VR Lab Developer at Kaunas University of Technology

Development of various projects, such as virtual reality video games, interactive applications, mobile interactive applications and games, Augmented reality applications etc.

Dec 2018 – Feb 2019 ( 3 months )

Junior Test Engineer at Unity Technologies

Quality assurance at Unity Technologies Kaunas office. Had to talk with customers about their encountered problems with Unity game engine and help fix these issues or write engine Bug reports to Developers.

Sep 2018 – Oct 2018 ( 2 months )

Unity 3D Developer

Internship with Virtual Reality and Photogrammetry testing, optimization, unity development.

Other experiences

Sep 2017 – Present


Actively volunteering at various exhibitions, events, meetings etc.

Sep 2017: Volunteer at GameON III
Helped participants of the exhibition to entertain visitors with various video games, video game industry news, upcoming titles, explained short instructions on how to play certain games, etc.

Sep 2017: Organizer at KTU SMD event Tyreju naktis

Jan 2018 – Feb 2018: Presenter at Lithuania University Fair 2018
Presented Kaunas University of Technology with innovation technologies, such as NAO robot, virtual reality experiences.

Mar 2018: Volunteer at #Geriausia Ever Pamoku Diena 2018
Helped to coordinate visitors to their seats, answered questions about the event, helped participants to prepare for their upcoming shows.

May 2018: Referee at KTU SMD Robots Intellect exhibition
A referee of “Mini Sumo” robot fighting contest.

Sep 2018: Organizer at KTU SMD event Tyreju naktis

Sep 2018: Presenter at Switch 2018 conference
Presented the NAO robot to public visitors during the event

Nov 2018: Volunteer at GameON IV
Helped with preparations for the event and entertained visitors by hosting and watching over a video game racing tournament. 

May 2019: Referee and Organizer at KTU SMD Robots Intellect exhibition
Helped organizing and preparing for the event, also was a referee of “Mini Sumo” robot fighting contest.